Why vegan?

Did you know that it takes up to 22 kg of grains and more than 50000 liters of water to “produce” one kg of meat? Apart from that one kg meat “contains” as much emissions as produced during a car trip of 250 km, as much energy as required for operating a 100 W light bulb for 20 days and as much water as the annual consumption of water for daily showers. Especially the deforestation for grazing land and for the planting of feeding stuff enlarges the carbon footprint of a “carnivore” about 1.5 tons CO2 more than that of a “herbivore”.

(Source: www.peta.de)

Vegetarians save the world.

Did you know that fish have a brain, a central nervous system and pain receptors? They therefore can feel pain, just like cats, dogs and humans. Their death for the food industry is cruel: captured fish suffocate torturously, they feel pain because of the decrease in pressure and it is not unusual that their air bladder bursts. They get treaded down, battered to death and most of them get slit upon the stomach on the big fishing boats while still alive.
Although fish is praised for its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids, eating it is not entirely without risks. According to the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) fish and mussels are the main source for taking up mercury and arsenic with your food. In addition fish ( as well as shellfish) can store extreme large amounts of chemical residues, including PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl), dioxins and lead.
(Source: www.fischen-tut-weh.de)

Vegetarians ensure that the mute can be heard.

Did you know that vegetarians are more unlikely to get cancer in the gastrointestinal tract compared to non-vegetarians and that female vegans have a risk of getting breast cancer cut by one third compared to female “omnivors”? For all kinds of cancer, vegetarians show an 8% and vegans a 16% lower prevalence. This was shown by new results of the Adventist Health Study 2 (AHS 2), that is conducted since 2002 in the US and Canada. Therefore the data of more than 69000 participants was gathered and checked for a relationship between the eating habits and the occurrence of cancer.
(Source: Dr. Markus Keller, IFANE and scientific board of the VEBU)

Vegetarians less frequently come down with cancer.

Did you know that the meat of an animal starts decomposing right after the slaughter? Meat is dead, it is part of a dead animal, which contains cadaveric poison (therefore protein decomposition products like cadaverine and putrescine and occasionally pathogenic germs, hormones and antibiotic residues). Meat starts decomposing more or less rapidly depending on temperature and environmental conditions. During the decay highly toxic substances are developed, which will be absorbed into the organism through stomach and intestine. Decay bacilli destroy the intestinal flora, toxic gasses insert the whole organism through the gut wall and create headache, low immunity and diseases. This cadaveric poison cannot be destroyed through intense heating or broiling.
(Source: Bernd Höcker, Vegetarier Handbuch)

Vegetarians grill without bacilli.

Did you know that in Germany averaged 4000 people turn to vegetarians every week? (VEBU, oct. 2001)
According to a research of the GfK in Nuremberg (association for consumer research) 1983 only 0.6% of the population had a vegetarian diet. The number of vegetarians therefore has far more than decupled in 20 years time. In total 8% of the German population call themselves vegetarians, this is in absolute numbers more than 6 million people (Forsa survey of 2001) – upward trend.

Vegetarians are catching. / Vegetarianism is catching.

Did you know that many musicians of popular bands like Earth Crisis, Maroon, Heaven Shall Burn, Deadlock, Rise Against, Silverstein, War From A Mouth, Neaera, Caliban, Bring Me The Horizon, Propagandhi, Napalm Death, To Kill, The International Noise Conspiracy, Anti-Flag, Myra, Callejon, Rage Against the Machine, Sepultura, Hatebreed, Most Precious Blood, Good Clean Fun… don’t just avow themselves to vegetarianism / veganism but also deal with the topic animal rights in their lyrics and in their social commitment?
Vegetarians rock the planet.

Did you know that according to the figures of the Central Marketing and Price Reporting Agency of German Agricultural Produces (ZMP) the Germans annually eat about 29000 tons goose meat / 4 million geese with stable trend. – Thanks to the famous behavioral scientist and goose-friend Konrad Lorenz we do know that geese are interesting individuals that remain true to their partner all their life and establish tight bonds with their young. Geese love cleaning their feathers, digging for food or gathering branches, bark or leaves to create comfy nest. When a goose’s partner gets killed or when her eggs get destroyed, she withdraws from the rest of the geese while lamenting.

Vegetarians can celebrate the festival of love with clear conscious.

Did you know that vegetarians live longer than the average? The German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg found out in a longtime research with 2000 participants, that vegetarians have less heart diseases. Other studies showed in addition that vegetarians are less likely to get diabetes, high blood pressure or gout. In the research of the German Cancer Research Center the death rate with vegetarian nutrition was 50% lower for men and 30% for women. This delighting results can not be explained exclusively through the meat abandonment, it is also the overall healthy and conscious lifestyle of the vegetarians that results in an average higher life span.
(Source: www.welt.de)

Vegetarians live longer.

Did you know that children with a higher intelligence quotient are more likely to be a vegetarian when grown-up than not quite as intelligent contemporaries? A current study by Catharine Gale and colleagues (University of Southampton) was now able to prove that meat-less living persons had a 5 points higher intelligence quotient as 10 year olds than later meat-eating participants in the study. This connection was still significant when other factors like sex, education of the parents etc. were considered.
(Source: www.sueddeutsche.de)

Vegetarians have been intelligent kids.

Did you know that eating big amounts of sausage, minced meat and escalope is not attractive anymore? The abandonment of meat however is no longer just accepted – it is regarded chic and commendable. If you want to know why vegetarianism is spreading, especially in big cities and among members of the educated classes with a wish for distinction, you will find answers in the book “Eating animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. The American bestseller author wrote after two successful novels (“Everything Is Illuminated”, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”) a nonfiction book about meat eating – and why he gave it up. With his book, a mixture of self-experience statement and report of the meat industry, Foer could turn to a figurehead for the illuminated smart-eaters. In America, the “motherland of meaty meals”, where every resident eats at an average 122 kg animal per year, the “New Testament” of the vegetarian movement provides heated debates.
(Source: SPIEGEL online/Ole Reißmann)

Vegetarians are illuminated smart-eaters.

Did you know that purely vegetable fake-meat differs that little in taste and appearance from its animal ideal, that during an experiment in the University cafeteria of Bochum 264 out of 300 students could not identify the fake goulash as such? But also in other tests consumers could hardly notice any difference between the traditional meat and the seitan or soy products – often the vegan dishes tasted even better to them. Meanwhile only experts notice the difference between vegetable groceries and real meat.
(Source: “Wie ernährt sich Deutschland” – Die große Wissensshow auf ARD)

Vegetarians drive fakie.

Did you know that the Vegetarierbund Deutschland provides a service called Veggie-Buddy-Service since 2011? The concept is pretty easy: Someone wants to know what it is like to live vegan/vegetarian, but doesn’t know how this works (What can you eat? Where can you find suitable products?). Therefore the concept provides you a “godparent” – a Veggie-Buddy. Together with your Veggie-Buddy you can cook, go shopping and /or to the restaurant. He/She is the contact person for all questions concerning the vegetarian-vegan diet.
More information: www.vebu.de

Vegetarians know how to do it.

Did you know that according to the statistics every German eats about 4 cows, 46 pigs and 945 chickens during a life time? – Irrespective of other animals like sheep, fish, deer, rabbits, turkey hens, geese and ducks. (Source: calculations of the Vegetarierbund Deutschland based on data of the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture) People who decided to be vegetarians are not part of that statistic. For them it is not just about the frequently inhumane husbandry, it is basically about the killing itself. Even in the most illuminated society with optimal animal husbandry they would not eat killed animals. Therefore the socially accepted animal welfare is not enough for them. They stand for the most extensive animal rights: the right to an unabbreviated, appropriate to the species life span.
For further information: www.vebu.de

Vegetarians know whose meat they (don’t) eat.

Did you know that a similar attitude towards the diet can be counted as one of the most important factors for harmony in a relationship? If there is a consensus concerning the food, a not negligible potential for conflict is avoided and the important shared times of meals can be enjoyed more relaxed. Because of that many Veggies wish for a partner who shares their opinion or at least tolerates it. Brand new possibilities for “meatless” dating and partner search provides for example VEBU with activities like the Veggie-Speed-Dating. But also for the ones who don’t like it that “speedy”, many special platforms like GLEICHKLANG.DE or VEGETARIER24.DE provide promising new ways to meet people.

Vegetarians feel connected.

Did you know that a vegetarian diet can improve the mood? According to a current study in the US a change to vegetarianism can lead to a better mood after only 2 weeks. “Omnivores” absorb more arachidonic acid and those poly-saturated fatty acids can lead to a negative change in parts of the brain, which are responsible for the mood.
For further information: www.vebu.de

Vegetarians are on the ball.

Did you know that...

  • meat enlarges the risk of getting diabetes. In causes of high blood pressure, rheumatism and dyslipidemia, the vegetarian diet is one of the most reasonable therapeutic measures?
  • meat scandals heap up dramatically. From the swine fever, over the mad cow disease to the bird flu, eating meat carries more and more incalculable risks?
  • modern meat production with factory farming, farrowing pens and laying batteries regards the animals as industrial raw material and treats them just like that?
  • 40% of the world wide grain harvest ends up as animal food in the factory barns of the industrial nations?
  • during the production of 1 kg pork 15kg liquid manure are generated, that makes 66 million tons annually in Germany. The therein included nitrate leads to a contamination of ground water?

And did you know also that…

  • a cow has to give birth to a calf every year to keep giving milk and that they take that calf away from its mom after one or two days?
  • the “redundant” male calves are whether killed directly or they end up in the cattle fattening?
  • after four or five years a milk cow is so exhausted that she gets slaughtered, too (normally a cow can get up to 20 years old)?
  • the high-yielding cows often get medicated with antibiotic and that the milk can get a true toxic cocktail from pesticides, residues of medication, hormones and even to some extent heavy metals?
  • the vitamins the milk contains get lost through the necessary pasteurization of the germ susceptible milk in smaller or larger amounts?
  • acalcinosis occurs more often with a nutrition with animal proteins, because it causes increased elimination of calcium → acalcinosis is very rare with purely vegetable diet?
  • the milk protein bovine can lead to defensive reactions of our immune system? A chronically blocked noses, constantly sore throat, hoarseness, bronchitis and recurring ear infections (above all: among children) are a not rare consequence.
  • two thirds of the world population is not even able to digest milk sugar (lactose), because they lack the correspondent enzyme lactase.
  • in Germany annually about 45 million hens are kept for constant egg deposition.
  • the abnormal, daily egg deposition etiolates a hen that much, that she has to be killed in the abattoir after 15-18 months.
  • male chickens mostly don’t live any longer than a day, because due to the special breeding they cannot be used as broilers (they get crushed, gasified or shredded alive).
  • not even free-range or organic chickens get spared from the early dead of the male chickens and the slaughtering of the “exhausted” hens.
  • eggs are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria? Especially the infection with salmonella is not rare.

And there are far more good reasons for a purely vegetable lifestyle.