Veganuary – This January is vegan!

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You've probably heard about it in media or while shopping: Veganuary. What it is, what it's all about and why participating in this challenge could be worthwhile, you can find out here.

The Veganuary challenge: How about being vegan for one month?

Over half a million people worldwide took part in Veganuary 2021 (see The annual challenge is also attracting more and more attention in Germany.

Veganuary is a non-profit organization from the UK and its eponymous campaign, which takes place annually. With the motto "Try vegan. This month." Veganuary calls for people to eat vegan from 1 to 31 of January. 

The free newsletter, which one can register for on the site of Veganuary, will guide you with helpful tips and recipes if requested. 

Since 2020 Veganuary on calls also completely concretely in Germany to a participation in the Challenge. Each year, more and more people are taking part. In addition, Veganuary gathers numerous supporters around itself. Not only celebrities speak out for the special vegan month. Many enterprises use January to present their vegan product range and to launch new vegan products as well as support the campaign with suitable offers and sales.

Why live vegan for one month, you ask?

There are many reasons, why it is worth participating in Veganuary and passing up animal-based products for a month.

On our information blog you will find out which advantages a plant-based diet can have, which myths and prejudices there are, and what proofs to be true. 

Veganurary names many reasons to participate in the challenge like compassion for the animals, our environmen and climat protection. People are also interested in plant-based diets for the benefit of their own health and for many other reasons (see

Veganuary is not about completely throwing your eating habits out the window and fully committing to veganism from one day to the next. It encourages you to try the vegan diet without any obligation and a set time period where you can discover vegan recipes, food and products - and perhaps you will find something you like and integrate in your everyday life. 

Some would like to eat simply less meat in their everyday life. But where is the best place to start? Luckily, you don't have to figure that out on your own, because many people have dared to walk this path before - and are happy to share their experiences.

Get to know vegan foods and dishes during this Veganuary and experience how a plant-based diet will affect you. If you pass up animal-based products for a month, you actively avoid animal suffering and reduce your individual carbon footprint. Over time, you'll get a better and better sense of which foods are actually vegan - and which may contain animal ingredients without it being obvious at first glance.

Get yourself motivated by the Challenge, in which so many people participate with one common goal in mind.

Who can participate?

For anyone, passing up animal-based foods for a month can be a valuable experience. The Veganuary offers something for everyone. Whether you eat meat regularly or rarely, whether you're a vegetarian or on your way to becoming a vegan: The Vegan Month invites anyone interested to try new things and learn more about the vegan diet.

Even long-time vegans can still learn something here, discover new recipes and find like-minded people. You've made a New Year's resolution to eat healthier or more plant-based in the future? Then the Veganuary might give you the motivation to make this wish come true and already in January. This Veganuary is simply a wonderful opportunity to change your diet without any obligation to continue. Because no matter whether the nourishing change is just temporary or not - this experience will remain.

Why we support Veganuary

Of course, is also very much influenced by Veganuary challenge. Throughout January you will discover exciting offers for vegan food here in our online store.

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