Our stance for sustainability

For us, the desire for more sustainability does not stop with what is on our plates.
We do not want to undo the positive effects that a cut-down in meat consumption and an increasingly vegan diet have on our environment by mindless economic activity.
That is why we strive to be sustainable in all areas of our work. We are always  looking for the best solutions that suits us. On this page, you can find out what we are already doing to make your shopping at vantastic-foods.com as sustainable as possible.



Sustainable place of work

When planning our current company building and logistics center in Nabburg, it was already clear to us that we are investing in sustainability. That is why AVE's headquarters is heated with geothermal energy. During the warm season, we use a special ventilation system instead of air conditioning. In addition, we have been using only green electricity from the electricity provider Lichblick since 2015. This power is generated entirely from ecological energy sources. As a result, we avoid around 104 tons of attributable CO2 emissions every year.

Sustainable products

When selecting our products, we attach great importance to sustainability. That is why we prefer to worth with partners who share the same values. Whenever possible, we promote regional suppliers, producers, and products.
Many products on vantastic-foods.com are not only vegan but are also made with ingredients from a controlled organic cultivationNumerous items are also Fairtrade certified.

Sustainable handling of food and packaging

The careful and responsible use of resources lies closest to our hearts. For this reason, we try to waste as little as possible. We always strive to never have unnecessarily large quantities of goods in stock, even at the risk of something quickly going out of stock. When the best-before date is approaching, we offer these products at significantly reduced prices in our sale section. Any good that are still left over can be taken home by our employees free of charge. We also donate larger remaining stocks.
When shipping our goods, we only use recyclable and reusable materials. With the innovative products from Easy2Cool, we have found a particularly environmentally friendly solution for shipping refrigerated goods. You can find more information on the manufacturers’ website: easy2cool - the environmentally friendly insulated packaging for fresh food and more!

Sustainable shipping

Orders through vantastic-foods.com are shipped exclusively emission-neutral via DHL GoGreen. The CO2 emission generated during shipping are offset by various climate protection projects around the world. These currently include wind power projects in Aruba and India, a hydroelectric project in Laos and arehabilitation of boreholes in Eritrea (as of April 2021). You can find out more about DHL GoGreen's climate protection projects on their website: Deutsche Post DHL Group | Climate protection projects (dpdhl.com)