Vegan Master BLT


•    1 pack of vegan Bacon

•    1 wholegrain bun

•    a spread of your choice (e.g. Vantastic foods VAYONAISE, organic)

•    1 tomato

•    carrots, grated

•    fresh lattuce

•    1 pickle

•    olive oil


1.   Fry the vegan bacon-slices on both sides in a frying pan with some olive oil until they are crispy

2.   Meanwhile, half the wholegrain bun and top it with a spread of your choice. 

3.   Wash the lettuce and the tomatoes, grate the carrots, and place them onto the bun. 

4.   Finally, place the vegan bacon-slices onto the veggies and enjoy while warm! 


Our Tip For You:

You can also use a vegan alternative for mayonnaise or hummus as burger sauce.

Servings: 1 Person

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