Vegan alternative to Mac and Cheese


•    macaroni

•    2 onions

•    vegan alternative to shredded cheese

•    veggie spread "fresh cream"

•    vegan alternative for parmesan

•    250 ml oat drink

•    Alsan margarine

•    paprika seasoning



1.   Cook the macaroni according to the package description.

2.   Peel and cut the onion and sauté with the Alsan margarine.

3.   Add the veggie spread "fresh cream" and stir thoroughly. Then add the oat drink and the vegan alternative to shredded cheese.

4.   Lastly, peel and dice the second onion and puree the mixture until smooth.

5.   Drain the macaroni and add them to the sauce.

6.   Serve and garnish the Mac and Cheese with the vegan alternative to parmesan and paprika seasoning. Enjoy!

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