Marinated Spits:




  • Wooden spits


    1. Put Soya Schnetzel in vegetable broth and brew it for 15 min., occasionally turn it. Decant the Schnetzel through a colander and let it chill down, then press out the excess liquid with your hands.
    2. For the marinade stir olive oil, Sambal-Olek, bell pepper or tomato paste and apricot jam. Peel garlic clove and press it through the garlic press. Add the peel scoring of a lemon, garlic, freshly chopped thyme as well as all condiments and stir all ingredients into a homogeneous marinade. Give Soya Schnetzel into a bowl, mix it with the marinade and let the Schnetzel steep, covered in the refrigerator, until you need it again.
    3. For the orient bulgur melt 2 tbsp of Alsan in a pan, add vermicilli and sear under constantly stiring until brown. Take the fried noodles with the plant oil immediately out of the pan. Boil vegetable broth in a pot, add bulgur and simmer for 1-2 min. Take the pot away from the burner, then taste the fried noodles with salt after your's fancy., close the pot and brew the orient bulgur for about 10 min. Peel spring onions and cut in fine rings. Unsew pomegranate and dissolve the seeds away from one half of the fruit. Wash parsley and dry it, then chop finely. Intermix spring onions, pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley in the orient burger.
    4. For the rosemary-pears pluck the leaves from the rosemary stems and chop finely. Peel pears, quarter and cut out the core.
      Melt Alsan in a pan and fry pear pieces lightly in it at middle heat. Add chopped rosemary and roast the pears again from both sides for some minutes.
    5. Make the spits ready. Peel a bunch of spring onions and divide the stems into three. Spike the Soya Schnetzel and the spring onions on wooden spits and roast in a pan with some plant oil from both sides.
      Turn cherry tomatoes in some olive and also spike it on the wooden spits. Roast the tomato spits in the pan.


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Portion: 3-4 People

Recipe: Sophie Mathisz / Photograph: Marcus Maly

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