1 leek
Bunch spring onions
250 g white mushrooms
200 g tofu almond-nut
Some olive oil for frying
500 g vegan Knoepfle spaetzle, pre-cooked
250 g vegan alternative to grated cheese
200 ml vegetable cream
2 tbsp vegane alternative to Parmesan
Black pepper, freshly ground
½ tsp paprika powder, sweet
½ bunch chives


  1. Clean leek and cut in rings. Slice spring onions finely. Clean white mushrooms (no water!), halve or quarter. Dice tofu finely.

  2. Heat some olive oil in a high pan and sauté half of the leek, spring onions and white mushrooms. As soon as the mushrooms are well done, add the tofu and go on.

  3. Mix the ingredients in the pan with the pre-cooked Knopefle-Spaetzle and fill everything in a large casserole.

  4. Mix vegan alternative to cheese with vegetable cream and vegan alternative to Parmesan. Season to taste with freshly ground pepper, paprika powder and salt. Spread the cream evenly over the ingredients in the casserole and sprinkle with the remaining ingredients. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 190 °C for 25 minutes until golden brown.

Our tip: Also delicious with our pre-cooked Gnochi or finger noodles!

Portion: 3-4 people

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