Ingredients: (for 3 slices of pita bread)

2 carrots
6 hemp patties with lentils by Alberts
1 red onion
½ cucumber
4 slices of pita bread
1 gram of paprika trio spread
lettuce of choice
1 small can of chickpeas
salt, pepper, paprika>
olive oil



Peel and slice the carrot and roast it in a pan together with olive oil and spices of your choice.

Fry the hemp lentil patties in the same pan until golden brown. Cut the red onion into rings and the cucumber into slices. 

Toast the pita bread and cut them open. Add one teaspoon of the paprika spread to the pita bread and add some lettuce

Add two hemp lentil patties, roasted carrots, and cucumber slices.

Garnish with red onions, chickpeas and season to taste. Enjoy! 

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