Yarrah Organic Dog Biscuits 100% Vegan, 500g

Yarrah Organic Dog Biscuits 100% Vegan, 500g

Article number: A002715

Manufacturer: Yarrah Organic Petfood BV

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Yarrah Organic Dog Biscuits 100% Vegan, 500g

Free from chemical additives, hormones, genetically modified materials or preservatives. Yarrah does not add sugar and uses only the best ingredients. The nutrient-rich, balanced recipes contain all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs for an active life.

Yarrah ecological vegetarian / vegan dog food has been recognized by the "Vegan Society" and certified. The "Vegan Society" was founded in 1944 gives advice on how to dispense for the benefit of humans, animals and the earth on animal products.

Vegetarian Dog Biscuits of Yarrah are extremely tasty, easy to digest and can be given to all dogs. If you have a smaller dog, you can simply break the biscuits into smaller pieces.
Since some dogs have problems with the digestion of animal proteins, Yarrah has developed a vegetarian dog food. Yarrah Organic Vegetarian Dog Food can prevent skin and coat problems, digestive tract problems and hyperactivity, which can be caused by the consumption of meat.


Yarrah Organic Dog Biscuits 100% Vegan, 500g - Content


Content 500 g

INGREDIENTS: Cereals* (wheat* 57%, corn* 20%), sugar* (glucose syrup from corn* 7%), oils* and fats* (sunflower oil* 2%), minerals (* certified organic).

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains wheat and gluten.

Feeding recommendation: Maximum of 5 biscuits per day - Can be given as a reward or treat in between. The cookies are no complete meals, but regarded as a supplement to dry or wet food.

Analytical components
Crude protein 8,8%
Crude fat 3,7%
Crude fibre 1,5%
Crude ash 3,7%
Moisture 9,5%

Distributor Information

Yarrah Organic Petfood B.V., P.O.Box 448, 3846AK Harderwijk, NL
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Yarrah Organic Dog Biscuits 100% Vegan, 500g - Nutrients

Energy 1656kJ/ 396kcal
Fat 3,7g
of which saturated 0,47g
Carbohydrates 66,8g
of which sugar 7,6g
Protein 11,6g
Salt 0,7g

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