Updated shipping information: order in time

The year 2021 is also a peculiar year in many respects and continues to present us with new challenges. Online shipping is also not unaffected - because the shipping service providers have to deal with an even higher volume of parcels this year than in previous years.

This is why we ask you to, order in time.

We will do your best to ensure that your orders are delivered on time and that you can enjoy a delicious Christmas feast.

All orders received by us up to and including December 10 ,2021 will definitely be processed by us and handed over to the shipping service provider. However, we cannot guarantee that the goods will actually arrive on time for Christmas - this depends very much on the situation with the shipping service providers.

Therefore, please order all items you need for the holidays as early as possible.

Up to and including December 21, 2021 we will send refrigerated goods, from December 22, 2021 only packages without refrigerated items will be sent, as we can no longer guarantee their timely delivery. In this way, we want to prevent perishable goods from possibly being temporarily stored with the shipping service providers over the holidays. After the holidays, we will of course ship your order with refrigerated products again as usual.