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Grill even more delicious food: Turn your LotusGrill into a mobile oven with a pizza stone!

Who says you always have to grill on the grill? With this specially designed pizza stone for the LotusGrill S, the grilling experience becomes even more varied. The grill plate made of cordierite stone is non-stick coated and can be easily placed on the grate of the grill. Bake pizzas, pizza bread, tarte flambée and much more on it. You can also combine the pizza stone with the matching grill cover for the LotusGrill and thus capture and control the temperature even better during baking. Particularly practical: After grilling, this pizza stone can also be effortlessly cleaned in the dishwasher.

Baking pizza together outdoors becomes a pleasurable breeze with a LotusGrill and the matching pizza stone. Even when traveling or camping, this accessory will give you more variety when grilling - and you'll have two kitchen appliances in one, so to speak.

Bake pizzas outdoors and on the road - with the pizza stone from LotusGrill S

Give your LotusGrill S a culinary add-on with this handy pizza stone baked - and create many more tasty treats outdoors and on the go while traveling. Weighing less than a kilo, the pizza stone fits neatly into your luggage. Work up an appetite? In our online store you can order the pizza stone and also the LotusGrill S in different colors and other suitable accessories for this online.

And if you want to prepare the first crispy pizza on it right away, then order some pizza dough, a fruity pizza sauce, a vegan cheese alternative and our Vantastic Sim Sala Mi - and you can get started and prepare a delicious vegan pizza.

  • Non-stick cordierite stone pizza stone to put on the grill grate
  • Can be used with, but also without a suitable grill hood for the LotusGrill S
  • Important: The pizza stone is not suitable for cutting the pizza on it
  • Please note: For the use of this pizza stone is a LotusGrill S required

LotusGrill PIZZA STONE S - Content


MATERIAL: Cordierite

NOTE OF USE: Used for the preparation of pizza on the LotusGrill.

WARNING: Do not cut on the stone.

Distributor Information

LotusGrill GmbH, Rheingönheimer Weg 3-5, 67117 Limburgerhof, DE

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