Hydrophil BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH Light Blue Medium

Hydrophil BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH Light Blue Medium

Article number: A003971

Manufacturer: Hydrophil

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These are ingredients that have not been used according to the recipe.
However, traces (so-called minute quantities) cannot be ruled out.
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Hydrophil BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH Light Blue Medium

What is bamboo?
Bamboo grows faster than any other plant in the world. He significantly produced more oxygen and binds far more CO2 during the fast-paced growth (max. 1 m / day) than trees. This has a regulating effect on the natural ecosystem and positive impact on the ecological balance of the manufacturing process. Worldwide covered bamboo an area of ​​about 37 million hectares, of which about six million in China and nine million in India. The toothbrush is made by us in cooperation with local companies in China, ie directly where the bamboo grows.
And now is a bamboo toothbrush 100% full well?
One should be aware of the virtual water also arises in the production and the toothbrush is not picked, grows anywhere on trees. But the bamboo toothbrush is a good alternative to plastic toothbrush and agitated by an appealing and unique design of the conversation and to think about pollution and sustainability.

Hydrophil BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH Light Blue Medium - Content

Even if a toothbrush contributes only a small proportion of pollution from plastic waste, this is a significant amount of waste due to the annual consumption.

In order to create an alternative to the plastic toothbrush and to reduce the waste problem, the HYDROPHIL Bamboo Toothbrush was developed. The bristles are made of nylon 4 in combination with charcoal, and are just like the brush shaft also biodegradable. At the end of the useful life, the toothbrush can simply be buried in the garden or thrown on the compost heap!

- Plastic takes about 500 years to rot
- The hydrophilic bamboo toothbrush is biodegraded in 1.5 years!
- In the North Sea, for example, the proportion of plastic marine debris is estimated at about 75%

Ingredients: bamboo, nylon 4, charcoal

Bristle hardness: medium

bristle colour: blue

Contents: 1 piece

Distributor Information

Wasserneutral GmbH, Luisenweg 109, 20537 Hamburg, DE

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