Goodsport – germinated superfood, organic, vegan and sustainable

Goodsport PROTEIN-CEREALS Crunchy Hemp, ORGANIC, 400g
Goodsport PROTEIN-CEREALS Crunchy Hemp,...
0.4 kg
€9.99 *
(€24.98 / 1 kg)
Goodsport ENERGY-CEREALS Crunchy Carob, ORGANIC, 400g
Goodsport ENERGY-CEREALS Crunchy Carob,...
0.4 kg
€9.99 *

More about Goodsport

With organic cereal and energy balls, Goodsport is addressing everyone who is more than just hungry: More flavor, more nutrients, and more power. Whether it is physical activity or the job: our daily lives ask a lot from us. Reaching for healthy snacks in stressful situations is a given but they only give a short-lived energy boost to then plummet into an energy slump. This is where cereal and energy balls from Goodsport level the playfield: developed together with the professional cyclist Ben Urbanke, the organic products of the German startup have an optimal nutrient ratio to provide the body with exactly what it needs in its peak phases.

The main focus: natural superfoods, such as germinated cereal, dates, and golden flax seeds for extra nutrients, increased digestibility, increased energy, and greater well-being.


Ben Urbanke

Fall down, get up, and keep going: As a dedicated extreme athlete, Ben knows that fighting for his goal is worth it – and that giving up is not an option. However, he is convinced that he owes his high performance not only to intensive training sessions but also to his diet, which is based on plant-based and nutrient-rich foods. And to share his knowledge, Ben not only published his first book "Be Faster Go Vegan" in 2016 but also launched the first products of the Goodsport brand.

Johannes Berndt

An apprenticeship as a chef, a degree in ecotrophology, and many years of experience in the food industry: with his expertise, Johannes, as the managing director and co-founder,  is the perfect complement to Ben and his athletic ambition. Before joining Goodsport, he didn't have much to do with sports - but through Ben, he has now discovered a passion for running, he completely changed his life and successfully participated in various athletic competitions.