Well Well TOFU with smoke aroma, 180g

Well Well TOFU with smoke aroma, 180g

Article number: A007744

Manufacturer: Well Well

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These are ingredients that have not been used according to the recipe.
However, traces (so-called minute quantities) cannot be ruled out.
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Well Well TOFU with smoke aroma, 180g

The tofu of Well Well - delicious, versatile and really well done!

Tofu is a super versatile ingredient and especially popular in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. You can simply shred it into cubes and mix it into your salad, but also marinate it or fry it in a pan, grill it, bread it and much more. Numerous delicious recipes can be prepared with a good tofu like the one from Well Well - and you can add the culinary icing on the cake to many more with it as an ingredient.

This Well Well tofu is plant-based and therefore vegan. Smoke flavoring provides that certain something in the taste and fits perfectly with numerous recipes. With this tofu you effortlessly complete numerous vegan and vegetarian dishes with a delicious, hearty smoky flavor. Just use it like regular tofu with a smoky flavor - you can also fry, grill or deep fry it, for example.

Well Well Tofu: the tofu for every occasion!

Tofu is made with soybeans and so is the Well Well Tofu, which is made on the basis of vegetable ingredients and is therefore ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets. Well Well Tofu is available in four different varieties for even more culinary variety: tofu natural, tofu with turmeric, ginger and chili flakes, tofu tomato and basil, and tofu with smoke flavoring. Why not try them all once!

In our online store you can easily order the tofu varieties of Well Well online. We deliver them conveniently to your home via refrigerated shipping.

  • Tofu with smoky flavor
  • With smoke flavor
  • Plant based product
  • Ideal for versatile use in vegan and vegetarian cuisine

Well Well TOFU with smoke aroma, 180g - Content



INGREDIENTS: Water, soy beans, salt, coagulant: calcium sulfate; smoke flavor.

VITAMINS & MINERALS per 100g: 139mg calcium.

ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains soy. May contain traces of wheat, gluten, mustard and sesame.

CHILLED PRODUCT: Please store between 1°C and 7°C.

Distributor Information

Well Well Lebensmittelhandel GmbH, Potsdamer Platz 10 , 10785 Berlin, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Well Well TOFU with smoke aroma, 180g - Nutrients

Energy 577kJ/ 138kcal
Fat 8,10g
of which saturated 1,4g
Carbohydrates 2,8g
of which sugar 0,5g
Protein 13g
Salt 1,60g

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