Treiber Tofu TOFU NATUR, ORGANIC, 400g

Treiber Tofu TOFU NATUR, ORGANIC, 400g

Article number: A007504

Manufacturer: Treiber Tofu GmbH

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Treiber Tofu TOFU NATUR, ORGANIC, 400g

Tofu natural 400g from Treiber Tofu

What to do with a 400g block of tofu? Build houses? Build walls? Carve figures? Those were our first thoughts. But then we seasoned and cooked and we soon realized: it has to be that big because it is simply so delicious that a smaller amount would have been eaten away much too quickly. So we are happy about the big package unit and enjoy every single gram. Convince yourself!

Processing suggestions

As already mentioned, you can use it to build a house or a wall, or even carve figures out of it, but we wouldn't advise that in the end. Season it to your liking, put it in the pan to cook or fry or put it on the grill, everyone will have more of it. It would also be too soft to wall, because it is soft and smooth inside and much too flattering to your palate to be used outside the kitchen. Promise! Try it out!

  • The probably best known and most common tofu in nature, but in large
  • Firm consistency for cooking in the pan and on the grill
  • Inside supple and soft
  • Treiber Tofu also available in other flavours here
  • Vegan, organic and rich in protein

Treiber Tofu TOFU NATUR, ORGANIC, 400g - Content



INGREDIENTS: Water, soyabeans* (48%), coagulant: calcium sulfate.
(* = certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains soya.

CHILLED PRODUCT: Please store at a maximum of 6°C.

With soybeans from Germany.

Distributor Information

Treiber Tofu GmbH, Grenzgrabenstraße 15, 13053 Berlin, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Treiber Tofu TOFU NATUR, ORGANIC, 400g - Nutrients

Energy 450kJ/ 108kcal
Fat 6,6g
of which saturated 0,9g
Carbohydrates 0,5g
of which sugar 0,5g
Protein 12g
Salt <0,10g

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