Taifun TOFU basilico, organic, 200g

Taifun TOFU basilico, organic, 200g

Article number: A005858

Manufacturer: Taifun

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Taifun TOFU basilico, organic, 200g

What is included in each fully equipped vegan cuisine? Of course - a successful tofu is self-evident. Taifun will give you one that you do not want to delete from the shopping cart anymore.

Because this variant of the soya specialty really packs a punch. A lot of cheeky, fresh herbs like basil and parsley or wild garlic. Best seasoned with delicate olive oil and a spicy vegetable broth with spicy leeks, crunchy carrots, celery and nutmeg. Hmmm just delicious and so fresh! That screams for mediterranean vegan cuisine!

And there the Taifun organic tofu basilico belongs to. Its discreetly set basil nuances make itself very well accompanied by food with Pesto, with fresh tomatoes or other vegetables, as well as with delicious pasta or antipasti. Also on pizza or simply pure a must have.

Both cold and hot you can enjoy the Taifun tofu basilico. Dice it and fry the tofu in the pan with a little oil or serve it cold sliced on a loose slice of Ciabatta. A dream like Bella Italia!

Taifun TOFU basilico, organic, 200g - Content


Content: 200g

INGREDIENTS: Tofu* (88%) (soya beans* (55%), water, coagulant: Magnesium chloride, calcium sulphate), olive oil extra vergine*, basil* (4,2%), vegetable bouillon* (sea salt, yeast extract*, potato starch*, sunflower oil*, leek*, carrots*, celery*, Macis*, nutmeg*, parsley*), wild garlic*, parsley*, (* certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains soya, yeast, fructose, vegetables/pulses, umbelliferae and celery.

CHILLED PRODUCT! Please store between 2° and 7°C.

PLEASE NOTICE: This food is manufactured in a gentle freshness procedure and is already delivered to us with short best-before date by manufacturer. Therefore the life period may possibly be less than 7 days from dispatch.

Distributor Information

Life Food GmbH, Bebelstraße 8, 79108 Freiburg, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Taifun TOFU basilico, organic, 200g - Nutrients

Energy 817kJ/ 196kcal
Fat 12,9g
of which saturated 2,4g
Carbohydrates 1,7g
of which sugar 0,2g
Protein 17,7g
Salt 1,5g

What do our customers say?

7 Jun 2021

Taifun ist spitze

Wie die Pizzafilets hat es auch dieser Tofu nicht bis in die Pfanne geschafft.
Schön intensives Basilikumaroma, das perfekt auf's Tomatenbrot passt. Lecker!
Einen halben Punkt Abzug gibt es nur, weil ich die Pizzadinger noch etwas besser fand

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