Alberts TEMPEH, organic, 200g

Alberts TEMPEH, organic, 200g

Article number: A006268

Manufacturer: Alberts

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Alberts TEMPEH, organic, 200g

Exceedingly few know him but the most of us would miss him. We're obviously talking about the most traditional soya bean product in the world: The tempeh!

But what exactly is tempeh?
Alberts tempeh is naturally vegan and made of fermented soya beans, which are held together by a taste-neutral fungal culture named "rhizopus". The typical, mildly sour taste is mostly acchieved by adding natural vinegar to the tempeh, not only making this vegan speciality really delicious but also easily digestible!

The tempeh from Alberts is incredibly versatile and also a very efficient source of valuable vegetable protein. Furthermore, tempeh is exceedingly rich in minerals and diverse vitamins like the group of B-vitamins, which is especially important for people who follow a strictly plant-based diet.

In comparission with Tofu, most people will quickly notice the incomparable midly nutty flavour of the tempeh. Unlike tofu, which firstly needs to be fried to get a comparable flavour, tempeh will always have this fantastic aroma, even while it is still raw and unprepared. Tempeh will taste especially great if you cut it in medium-sized cubes to serve them with a matching dipping sauce. We recommend soya sauce or tamari sauce. You tempeh cubes will not only taste incredibly delicious with it but it is also the usual and traditional way of serving tempeh - the undeniable proof that newer is not always better!

You just have to try the tempeh from Alberts yourself!

By the way: Even if you declared tofu to you personal nemesis, you might love the one-of-a-kind mildy-nutty flavour of tempeh!

Alberts TEMPEH, organic, 200g - Content


Content 200g

INGREDIENTS: Soya beans*, water, apple vinegar* (* certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains soya.

CHILLED PRODUCT! Please store in the fridge, once the packaging is open consume as soon as possible.

Distributor Information

purvegan GmbH, Bahnhofstr. 29, 67305 Ramsen, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Alberts TEMPEH, organic, 200g - Nutrients

Energy 692kJ/ 165kcal
Fat 9,2g
of which saturated 1,2g
Carbohydrates 1g
of which sugar 0,9g
Protein 16,5g
Salt 0,9g

What do our customers say?

24 May 2019

Toller Geschmack

Tempeh schmeckt einfach klasse. Zwar preislich etwas gehobener, aber man sollte sich ja ab und an was gönnen. Ich schneide es/ihn/sie in Scheiben und halbiere sie, brate es in der Pfanne an und lösche es mit einem Mix aus Hoisin, Pflanzenmilch und Sojasauce ab. Klasse pur oder zu Salat.

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