bedda FEINKOSTSALAT "groumet salad" like Budapest meat salad, 150g

bedda FEINKOSTSALAT "groumet salad" like Budapest meat salad, 150g

Article number: A006652

Manufacturer: bedda

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bedda FEINKOSTSALAT "groumet salad" like Budapest meat salad, 150g

Everything for a better world. A world that keeps man and animal together. A world where we eat conscious with a clear conscience. For all this stands bedda.

The bedda gourmet salad "Feinkostsalat" like Budapest meat salad is a great starter before hearty meals. As vegan alternative to conventional meat salad it is just as delicious, but completely free from animal ingredients. Likewise on artificial aromas or additives.

The gluten- and lactose-free, vegan Feinkostsalat like Budapest meat salad gets its irresistible character from pure plant power. Based on vegetable proteins of potatoes and peas, finely seasoned with appropriate spices. Tasty vegan meat pieces meets aromatic sticks from gherkin, which get their distinctive taste thanks to mustard and brandy vinegar. A wonderfully fruity, mild tomato flavor completes the whole thing.

bedda's Budapest Feinkostsalat is truly a special vegan delicacy to spoil your palate. The mix of vegan meat-substitue, gherkins and vegan salad-mayonnaise created a great consistency. Ideal for bread, rolls, sandwiches and co. Ideal for home or office break.


bedda FEINKOSTSALAT "groumet salad" like Budapest meat salad, 150g - Content


Content 150g

INGREDIENTS: 33% vegan meat emulsion (water, rapeseed oil, potato protein, pea protein, thickener (carrageenan, xanthan gum), sea salt, sugar, spices, colorant (paprikaoleoresin)), rapeseed oil, water, cucumber, vinegar, 5% paprika, tomato paste, modified starch, sugar, mustard seed, salt, spices, potato protein, pea protein, thickener (guar gum, xanthan gum, tara gum).

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains mustard and is free from milk ingredients, lactose, gluten, soya and palm oil.

CHILLED PRODUCT! Please store between 2° and 7°C.

PLEASE NOTICE: This food is manufactured in a gentle freshness procedure and is already delivered to us with short best-before date by manufacturer. Therefore the life period may possibly be less than 7 days from dispatch.

Distributor Information

ethiconomy services gmbh, brandshofer deich 68, 20359 Hamburg, DE

bedda FEINKOSTSALAT "groumet salad" like Budapest meat salad, 150g - Nutrients

Energy 1341kJ/ 320kcal
Fat 30g
of which saturated 18g
Carbohydrates 5g
of which sugar 4,6g
Protein 7,5g
Salt 1,40g

What do our customers say?

9 Nov 2019

Konsistenz gewöhnungsbedürftig

Der Geschmack ist ganz ok, die Konsistenz ist meiner Meinung nach gewöhnungsbedürftig. Die "Fleischwurststücke" zerfallen zu einem Brei, sobald man sie im Mund hat.

13 Sep 2019

Ganz ordentlich

Heute habe ich malden Budapester Salat, äh "nach Machart" aufgemacht. Ich konzentriere mich immer darauf, wie etwas Neues wohl schmeckt. Ich war etwas erstaunt, denn ich hätte eine andere Geschmacksrichtung erwartet, aber dennoch war dies sehr schmackhaft und ging prima "runter" :-)) Allerdings firmiert dieser Salat nun bei mir nun unter "nach Art Hering". Ja, tatsächlich, ganz anders als erwartet. Meine Meinung natürlich nur.

Meinem Vorredner Nikola muss ich beipflichten, dass ich die Verpackung tatsächlich auch als etwas zu wenig ökologisch orientiert empfinde. Vollständig in Plastik. Vegan in allen Ehren, aber wenn die Meereslebewesen an unserem Plastikwahn verenden, dann muss deutlich Schluss damit gemacht werden. Das kann man so nicht vertreten. Deshalb summarisch "nur" 7 Punkte von mir.

25 May 2019

Very tasty

It's very good with bread, it really tastes like budapest salad. I only wish they make the packaging more ecological.

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