Guzman's Guzinos GEMÜSESTICKS "veggie sticks" tomato, 60g

Guzman's Guzinos GEMÜSESTICKS "veggie sticks" tomato, 60g

Article number: A006711

Manufacturer: Guzman's Guzinos

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Guzman's Guzinos GEMÜSESTICKS "veggie sticks" tomato, 60g

Tomato snack on the go

With Guzman's Guzinos "Gemüsesnack" Tomato you can safe yourself from the bad conscience after nibbling on your newest snacks. This ingenious snack is not only vegan, but also rich in important nutrients for an active day. This is due to the vegetable snack's natural ingredients. Imagine: A single kilogram of vegetable snacks contains over three kilos of fresh vegetables!

The taste will knock your socks off! Guzman's Guzinos is made with the best virgin olive oil, which enhances the sweetish taste of red tomatoes. Here you get a snack, which is vegan and also supplies you with plenty of vitamin E. There is no "it's enough now", but only one "open the next bag".

Tasty tomato, crispy, unique

  • Carefree snacking: The vegetable snack "Gemüsesnack" tomato is free of gluten, animal products and genetically modified ingredients - guaranteed!
  • Red and ripe: That's how every single tomato finds its way into your favourite snack.
  • Everything that makes you feel good: Guzman's Guzinos vegetable snack "Gemüsesnack" is purely vegan, an excellent source of fibre and an incomparable tongue flatterer.

Guzman's Guzinos GEMÜSESTICKS "veggie sticks" tomato, 60g - Content


Content: 60g

INGREDIENTS: Tomato (67%), pea protein, potato puree, olive oil (5%), thickener: locust bean gum, salt

Distributor Information

condacc GmbH, Waldstr. 41-43, 76133 Karlsruhe, DE

Guzman's Guzinos GEMÜSESTICKS "veggie sticks" tomato, 60g - Nutrients

Energy 1643kJ/ 393kcal
Fat 15,0g
of which saturated 2,1g
Carbohydrates 37,0g
of which sugar 5,6g
Protein 21,0g
Salt 2,7g

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