Das Bernsteinzimmer "DIE BESTEN" "the best" confectionery mix, organic, 120g

Article number: A007000

Manufacturer: Das Bernsteinzimmer

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Das Bernsteinzimmer "DIE BESTEN" "the best" confectionery mix, organic, 120g

The most sought-after nougat pralines of recent years, united in a single box

Herewith you will find their best selection of the finest nougat confectionery. But "Das Bernsteinzimmer" (="The Amber Room") convinces with way more than the taste of their pralines, but also with its sustainable packaging made of German recycled paper. Fair for the environment and fair for you. You can always enjoy these pralines!

Treat yourself to this most impressive assortment of chocolates:

  • 3x almond tonka - a sweet surprise, all in white with precious tonka bean.
  • 3x crunchy nougat - white nougat with a high nut content, crunchy flakes and brittle.
  • 3x bourbon vanilla - delicately melting hazelnut nougat with real bourbon vanilla.
  • 3x peanut caramel - sweet and salty creation of peanut, caramel, rock salt and chocolate.

Das Bernsteinzimmer "DIE BESTEN" "the best" confectionery mix, organic, 120g - Content


Content: 120g

INGREDIENTS: Hazelnuts* (roasted), peanuts* (roasted), almonds* (roasted), raw cane sugar* (partly caramelised), cocoa butter*, rice drink powder*, chufa flour*, cocoa mass*, hazelnut brittle*, cornflakes*, rock salt, spices*. (*certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts.

CHILLED PRODUCT! Please store between 12-16°C.

Please notice: Due to the handcrafted production, variations of the weight are possible.

Distributor Information

Das Bernsteinzimmer - Raum für Genuss, Ostersbaum 14, 42107 Wuppertal, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Das Bernsteinzimmer "DIE BESTEN" "the best" confectionery mix, organic, 120g - Nutrients

Energy 2547kJ/ 608kcal
Fat 32,6g
of which saturated 15,4g
Carbohydrates 46,3g
of which sugar 37,7g
Protein 9,5g
Salt 0,3g

What do our customers say?

27 Apr 2021

Großartige Auswahl

Diese handgefertigten, leckeren Einzelstücke sind jeden Cent wert. Und wer zwischen Mandel-Tonka und Erdnuss-Karamell keinen Unterschied bemerken will, hat entweder keine Geschmacksnerven oder gibt aus reiner Bösartigkeit schlechte Bewertungen ab. Ich habe diese Mischung selbst schon etliche Male bedtellt und immer gern genossen und auch verschenkt, und dabei nur positive Rückmeldungen bekommen.

24 Apr 2021


This is definitely some of the worst confectionery I've tasted. The taste is very one-note, there are not really any nuance to the different pralines.
Really disappointing.

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