Veggyness VEGAN Merguez big pack, ORGANIC, 600g

Veggyness VEGAN Merguez big pack, ORGANIC, 600g

Article number: A007703

Manufacturer: Veggyness

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Veggyness VEGAN Merguez big pack, ORGANIC, 600g

Most likely the most famous and most delicious sausage for grilling and frying - the Merguez sausage! Here and now finally as the vegan variant and furthermore in organic quality!

Just in time for the summery grilling season, a new arriver enters the arena: The vegann Merguez seitan-sausage from Wheaty. And since we, from do nothing half-heartedly, we present you this delicious grilling speciality as a gigantic 600g big pack! Simply perfect for the familiy meet and greet, birthday parties and summery grilling evenings with friends and relatives.

With such a fame it is long overdue to not slaughter any more innocent lambs for this sausage! And our begging has been answered! Wheaty recreated the authentic taste of the Merguez as completely vegan alternative made of wheat protein! Free from suffering but full of flavour. Order the vegan Merguez sausages from Wheaty as their practical big pack and you will cover yourself in glory once your friends and family get to know you as the grilling expert that you truly are. You will be surprised about how quickly such a huge big pack can be emptied! ;)

Veggyness VEGAN Merguez big pack, ORGANIC, 600g - Content



INGREDIENTS: Seitan* (water, wheat protein*) (72%), onions*, high oleic sunflower oil*, spices*, red pepper*, yeast extract*, rock salt, thickeners: agar agar*, guar gum*, locust bean gum*; beechwood smoke.
(* = certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains gluten and wheat.

CHILLED PRODUCT: Please store between 2° and 7°C.

NOTE: This product was packed within a protective atmosphere.

PREPARATION: Suitable for frying and grilling. In both cases, brush with a little oil.

Distributor Information

TOPAS GmbH, Dreifürstensteinstr. 1-3, 72116 Mössingen, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Veggyness VEGAN Merguez big pack, ORGANIC, 600g - Nutrients

Energy 1073kJ/ 256kcal
Fat 12g
of which saturated 1,4g
Carbohydrates 6,1g
of which sugar 1,6g
Protein 29,2g
Salt 1,6g

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