Taifun MINI-WIENER "mini sausages", organic, 160g

Taifun MINI-WIENER "mini sausages", organic, 160g

Article number: A005862

Manufacturer: Taifun

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Taifun MINI-WIENER "mini sausages", organic, 160g

The next children's birthday is on and the menu is not ready yet? How about the popular vegan organic mini wiener from Taifun? Because children simply love mini-sausages!

The Taifun organic mini wiener are THE ideal partying snack and they are purely vegetable based. All ingredients are from the best organic cultivation, help with sustainability concepts and taste delicious.

Not only the little ones like the little veggie sausages. Even the big ones are fans. Whether young, whether old - for everyone there is something here! Bite-proof, smooth and authentic in the consistency, mild smoky in the taste. The subtle smoky sauce from the beech wood smoke is produced by a complex, but gentle friction dipping process and provides for the so much liked Taifun smoke note.

Also in the preparation the vegan party sausages are the perfect companion of small celebrations. After all, the vegan mini wiener are heated in the water in 3-4 minutes. Just like to snacks as an uncomplicated fingerfood or in soups and stews. Cold plates to the buffet are also rounded off by the Taifun organic mini wiener.

Taifun MINI-WIENER "mini sausages", organic, 160g - Content



INGREDIENTS: Tofu* (75%) (soya beans* (55%), water, coagulation: Magnesium chloride, calcium sulphate), cold-pressed sunflower oil*, soya sauce* (water, soya beans*, wheat*, sea salt), oat*, sea salt, thickener: guar gum*, buckthorn clover*, coriander*, pepper white*, pepper black*, sweet peppers*, hot peppers*, caraway*, garlic*, beech wood beech. (* certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains gluten, soya, vegetables/pulses, oat, coriander, pepper, umbelliferae and wheat.

CHILLED PRODUCT! Please store between 2° and 7°C.

PLEASE NOTICE: This food is manufactured in a gentle freshness procedure and is already delivered to us with short best-before date by manufacturer. Therefore the life period may possibly be less than 7 days from dispatch.

Distributor Information

Life Food GmbH, Bebelstraße 8, 79108 Freiburg, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Taifun MINI-WIENER "mini sausages", organic, 160g - Nutrients

Energy 1142kJ/ 275kcal
Fat 20,4g
of which saturated 4,0g
Carbohydrates 6,5g
of which sugar 0,2g
Protein 15,3g
Salt 1,8g

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