Follow Your Heart VEGENAISE SOYA-FREE, 340g

Follow Your Heart VEGENAISE SOYA-FREE, 340g

Article number: A007336

Manufacturer: Follow Your Heart

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Follow Your Heart VEGENAISE SOYA-FREE, 340g

Now also enjoy soy free with Vegenaise!

Creamy and spicy like mayonnaise, but vegan and completely free of animal suffering: That's the vegenaise of Follow Your Heart. But not only vegans get their money's worth at Follow Your Heart. Because the Vegenaise is also available without soy, so that also persons can strike, who would like to do without soy. And the pleasure is worth it! The Vegenaise without soy is to be used as usual mayonnaise. It is ideal with french fries and is suitable as a vegetable dip. The cream also goes well as a dressing with salads or as a spread on bread.

Without egg, without soy, but with taste!

  • Facette-rich application possibilities: Enjoy the Vegenaise without soya as a spread, as a dip and as a dressing for salads - or create your personal favorite dish!
  • Vegan and without a guilty conscience: No ingredients of animal origin are used for the vegetable alternative to mayonnaise.
  • Completely soya-free: Vegan nutrition also gets along very well without soya. This is proven by the soy-free substitute for mayonnaise from Follow Your Heart!

Follow Your Heart VEGENAISE SOYA-FREE, 340g - Content



INGREDIENTS: Safflower oil (62%), water, brown rice syrup, apple vinegar, pea protein (1%), sea salt, mustard flour, lemon juice concentrate.

ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains mustard.

REFRIGERATED! Please store in a cool place between 2°C and 5°C.

Distributor Information

AVE, Siemensstraße 5, 92507 Nabburg, DE

Follow Your Heart VEGENAISE SOYA-FREE, 340g - Nutrients

Energy 2392kJ/ 581kcal
Fat 62g
of which saturated 4,7g
Carbohydrates 3,4g
of which sugar 2,3g
Protein 1,6g
Salt 1,3g

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