Fit 'n' Free RED LENTIL FUSILLI, organic, 300g

Fit 'n' Free RED LENTIL FUSILLI, organic, 300g

Article number: A006571

Manufacturer: Alb-Natur®

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Fit 'n' Free RED LENTIL FUSILLI, organic, 300g

The fact that this little fabaceous is a sly old dog proves you no one better than the stunning vegan organic Fusilli from the flour of red lentils by Fit 'n' Free. The lentil noodles, which you can process and enjoy like conventional pasta, last a long time and give you a proper energy boost. Because the all-rounder called red lentil is a whole lot of pure vegetable protein, as well as valuable fiber. The natural protein resource is therefore more than suitable for the vegan and meat-free diet! The red lentil is rumoured to increase your blood glucose level very slowly. Allergy sufferers are welcome, because the organic pasta is free of gluten, lactose and milk protein.

In the process of manufacturing the Fit 'n' Free Bio Fusilli exclusively pure and high quality red lentils are used and ground to the finest lentil flour under the highest standards before they are shaped into the fruityly twisted Fusilli noodles. The addition of artificial additives and other ingredients is dispensed with.

You will simply love the taste of the inspirational red lentils Fusilli! With their charming and seductive reddish tinge, the noodles will take your vegan and varied cuisine to the max. The pasta is suitable for various sauces, vegetables, meat substitute supplements, stews, soups, currys and salads.

All Fit 'n' Free noodles are both low salt and low in fat - including the organic red lentil Fusilli. Feel fit and free with Fit 'n' Free!

Fit 'n' Free RED LENTIL FUSILLI, organic, 300g - Content


Content 300g

INGREDIENTS: 100% red lentil flour* (* certified organic).


Distributor Information

ALB-Gold Teigwaren GmbH, Im Grindel 1, 72818 Trochtelfingen, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Fit 'n' Free RED LENTIL FUSILLI, organic, 300g - Nutrients

Energy 1453kJ/ 343kcal
Fat 1,7g
of which saturated 0,3g
Carbohydrates 56,0g
of which sugar 2,2g
Protein 23,0g
Salt <0,01g

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