Fit 'n' Free BUCKWHEAT PENNE, organic, 300g

Fit 'n' Free BUCKWHEAT PENNE, organic, 300g

Article number: A006557

Manufacturer: Alb-Natur®

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Fit 'n' Free BUCKWHEAT PENNE, organic, 300g

The delicious and gluten-free organic buckwheat noodles from Fit 'n' Free keep what they promise. The pure vegetable Penne are free of additives and form a 100% vegan protein resource, which should particularly please all allergy sufferers.

In the manufacturing chain of Fit 'n' Free organic pasta, a special emphasis is placed on ensuring that high quality standards are maintained and no genetically modified raw materials are used. With Fit 'n' Free organic buckwheat Penne you`ll get a reliable and high-quality protein- and dietary fiber source, which contains only a few saturated fatty acids and is very low in common salt.

The buckwheat which was processed for the delicious pasta may sound like a grain, but it is not. Buckwheat is one of the pseudo-cereals. The small fruits, which are similar to the nuts, are processed to flour for the bio-pasta. Pseudo-cereals are the grain-like fruits of plants which are similar to cereals. They are, however, free of gluten and are therefore suitable for people with celiac disease. Japanese cuisine has long been based on buckwheat. This is where both noodles called Soba and tea are prepared. In Canada too, buckwheat dishes are known, for example, in the form of pancakes, where they are served together with maple syrup.

The tasty organic pasta in unusual, seductive-dark color is the ideal accompaniment for varied vegan pasta dishes. Because they are so rich in protein, the Fit 'n' Free Penne provide a long lasting saturation feeling. The noodles are prepared in turn. The recommended cooking time of 8 minutes can vary according to your taste.

The Fit 'n' Free organic buckwheat Penne in a generous 300g package are suitable for classic pasta sauces or Japanese with peanut or lime dressing. Try the buckwheat Penne to create with crispy vegetables or grate as gratin. And also as a pasta salad with a touch of Wasabi, they are a hit at every party.

Fit 'n' Free BUCKWHEAT PENNE, organic, 300g - Content


Content 300g

INGREDIENTS: 100% buckwheat flour* (* certified organic).

Distributor Information

ALB-Gold Teigwaren GmbH, Im Grindel 1, 72818 Trochtelfingen, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Fit 'n' Free BUCKWHEAT PENNE, organic, 300g - Nutrients

Energy 1497kJ/ 354kcal
Fat 3,1g
of which saturated 0,7g
Carbohydrates 65,0g
of which sugar 1,4g
Protein 12,0g
Salt <0,01g

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