OATLY OAT DRINK, organic, 1l

OATLY OAT DRINK, organic, 1l

Article number: A005650

Manufacturer: OATLY

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OATLY OAT DRINK, organic, 1l - Description

Swedish sun-ripened sommer oats, clean water and a pinch of sea salt. This is all that's needed to create a truly convincing vegetable drink. Despite the short list of ingredients, this vegan drink contains many fibres, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and unsatturated fatty acids. So tasty!

The organicly grown oats from Sweden are truly one of a class of it's own. Simply not comparable to oats from central europe. Only the crops from northern europe grow this tall and strong and develop such an aromatic taste. The reason lies in the unusually long and sunny days of the nordic summers, combined with short but hefty showers of rain. Furthermore, the usage of harmful pesticides is way more strictly regulated in Sweden than in most of the countries of central europe. Spoiled by this, the oats grow lively until they find their destiny in the innovative vegetable drinks from oatly, bringing joy to many people all over the globe.

Since the days of their foundation, Oatly attaches great importance to not compare their innovations with cow's milk. Their only goal has always been to produce independent oat drinks, which everyone can enjoy equally. Still, this drink is just perfect for everyone who prefers not to drink cow's milk. Many will now think of vegans but there are way more groups of people who would rather not drink animal milk. More and more people these days suffer from milk-induced allergies, others want to live more simply don't like the taste. These days, there are many reasons to shift to vegetable based drinks. Just try the Oatly drinks and decide for yourself!

OATLY OAT DRINK, organic, 1l




INGREDIENTS: Water, oats* (10% in the end product), sea salt. (* certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains gluten and oats. It is lactose-free.

Please notice: Unopened package can be stored at room temperature. Store opened packaging between 2° and 7°C in the refrigerator, 4-5 days stable.

Distributor Information

Oatly AB, Företagsvägen 42, SE-261 51 Landskrona, SE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006


Energy 160kJ/ 40kcal
Fat 0,5g
of which saturated 0,1g
Carbohydrates 6,7g
of which sugar 4,1g
Protein 1g
Salt 0,1g

What do our customers say?

3 Jun 2020

Best milk ever

Even though I don’t usually drink milk, Oatly wins over everything else! It’s super delicious, creamy and smooth.. perfect to use in recipes and for cappuccino too. I really wish you will add the new Oatly milks to the website too (it’s skim, semi-skim and whole fresh oat milks). Sadly I struggle to find this brand since I moved away from the UK, veggie shop is the only place I can get it and I’m surprised the price is not bad too!

20 Mar 2020


Der Oatly Bio-Haferdrink schmeckt sehr mild und ist im Vergleich mit Produkten anderer Hersteller weniger süß, zudem enthält er kein Sonnenblumenöl. Mir schmeckt er sehr gut, weswegen ich ihn gerne hier empfehle.

18 May 2018

Really good

Probably the best milk alternative ever. The taste is mild and there is no sugar added so you can use it for sweet and salty cooking. Great for vegan cheese gravy

10 Nov 2016

Klassisch gut

Klassisch, aber klassisch lecker. Die Biomilch ist auch nicht zu wässrig, sondern einfach nur gut und bekömmlich.

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