PurYa! ORGANIC VEGAN PROTEIN germinated lupin, 200g

PurYa! ORGANIC VEGAN PROTEIN germinated lupin, 200g

Article number: A004538

Manufacturer: PurYa

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PurYa! ORGANIC VEGAN PROTEIN germinated lupin, 200g

Sweet lupin - the indigenous protein source
The seeds are nothing new: already 2000 B.C. lupins were just as popular as grain among the old Egyptians. What is particularly interesting about the lupin is its high protein content of almost 40%! Proteins are essential for increasing and maintaining muscle mass.
Lupins contain all essential amino acids the body cannot create itself. In addition, lupins keep the increase of blood sugar low as they hardly contain directly utilisable carbohydrates.
In order to make valuable nutrients, vitamins and enzymes available for the body, our lupins are germinated. For the germination process, the used water is energized. The drying proceeds at less than 42° C and this product therefore has raw food.
How to use it: Increase the protein content of yourprotein shake, smoothie, vegan yoghurt, muesli with one tablespoonful of lupin powder. Lupins also improve the consistency and the storability of baked goods.
Vitamins and minerals per 100g:
Vitamin E, 16.3mg (RDA: 135%)
Vitamin B1, 0.79mg (RDA: 71%)
Vitamin B5, 3.2mg (RDA: 53mg)
Vitamin B6, 1mg (RDA: 71%)
Manganese, 2.2mg (RDA: 110%)
Potassium, 1150mg (RDA: 57%)
Magnesium, 220mg (RDA: 58%)

PurYa! ORGANIC VEGAN PROTEIN germinated lupin, 200g - Content


Content: 200g

INGREDIENTS: 100% sprouted organic lupine* ground (* certified organic).

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains lupines. 

Distributor Information

PURYA GmbH, Wichmannstraße 4, 22607 Hamburg, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

PurYa! ORGANIC VEGAN PROTEIN germinated lupin, 200g - Nutrients

Energy 1367kJ/ 326kcal
Fat 6,5g
of which saturated 1,35g
Carbohydrates 29,5g
of which sugar 4,0g
Protein 36g
Salt 0,005g

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26 Oct 2016

Tolles veganes Bio-Protein!!

Bio & Vegan - tolles produkt!

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