veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with vanilla flavour, 750g

veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with vanilla flavour, 750g

Article number: A007309

Manufacturer: veganpower

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veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with vanilla flavour, 750g

For every can sold, veganpower donates 10 cents to animal welfare projects!

Strong protein content with strong taste: VHEY protein vanilla by veganpower

For sporty vegans who don't want to do without the delicious taste of vanilla, veganpower offers a purely vegetable alternative to milk-based protein shakes: the VHEY vanilla protein. And after all protein should be at the top of the menu for dedicated sports and fitness fans!

Unlike conventional protein powders, the VHEY vanilla-flavoured protein by veganpower has no sandy aftertaste. It is super creamy and tastes of delicious vanilla. It's protein doesn't come from soya or cow's milk, but from locally grown peas! Also suitable for allergy sufferers! 

The balanced amino acid spectrum of this protein powder includes amazing four grams of high-quality BCAAs and a good portion of calcium, too.

veganpower VHEY protein powder with vanilla flavour and protein from peas

  • suitable for allergy sufferers: based on pea protein, without soya and without milk
  • Vanilla flavour: the VHEY protein seduces with an intense vanilla aroma
  • versatile use: can be dissolved in various plant drinks and even in water

veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with vanilla flavour, 750g - Content


Content: 750g

INGREDIENTS: Pea protein (93,6 %), flavour, L-Methionine, sweeteners (erythritol, steviolglycoside), Tri-Calciumphosphate, sea salt¹, coloring (beta-carotene).

Nutritional values per 100g: Lactose (<0.1), BCAAs** (13,4g), L-Methionine (0.90g). (** = branched chain amino acids L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Valine)

Amino acids per 100g protein: L-Alanine (4.20g), L-Arginine (8.63g), L-Aspartinic acid (11.60g), L-Cysteine (0.91g), L-Glutamic acid (18.04g), L-Glycine (3.83g), L-Histidine (2.40g), L-Isoleucine (BCAA) (4.58g), L-Leucine (BCAA) (8,389g), L-Lysine (7.45g), L-Methionine (2.17g), L-Phenylalanine (5.21g), L-Proline (4.53g), L-Serine (5.24g), L-Threonine (3.58g), L-Tryptophan (0.96g), L-Tyrosine (3.38g), L-Valine (BCAA) (4.90g).

Minerals per 100g: Calcium (459mg) (57%*), Phosphorus (949mg) (136%*). (* = % of the recommended daily intake according to nutrition labelling regulations)

Please notice: Dietary supplements are no replacement for a well-balanced diet.

Distributor Information

veganpower, Westbahnstrasse 28, 4020 Linz, AT

veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with vanilla flavour, 750g - Nutrients

Energy 1672kJ/ 396kcal
Fat 6,8g
of which saturated 1,5g
Carbohydrates 6,9g
of which sugar <0,1g
Protein 74,8g
Salt 3,7g

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