veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with berry flavour, 750g

veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with berry flavour, 750g

Article number: A006974

Manufacturer: veganpower

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veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with berry flavour, 750g

With each can sold, veganpower donates 10 cents to animal welfare projects!

Simply berrylicious: the VHEY protein with berry taste from veganpower

With the VHEY protein veganpower offers a purely vegetable alternative to whey drinks, which are at the top of the diet of sports and fitness fans. A refreshingly fruity protein powder without a sandy aftertaste. Veganpower provides plant-based sports nutrition with a delicious taste. Based on pea protein, the vegan VHEY protein drink provides you with a full 21 grams of protein from peas . An ideal amino acid spectrum with a good portion of calcium complete the balanced formula of this protein drink powder. In addition to all these advantages, the easily soluble VHEY protein also tastes like delicious wild berries! A real pleasure in vegetable drinks, but also soluble in water and a protein enrichment for all kinds of smoothies.

VHEY berry-flavoured protein: vegan protein power from pea protein

  • High protein content: Based on pea protein
  • Berry taste: The VHEY protein seduces with a refreshing berry aroma. A treat for fruit lovers!
  • Great and local: The powder is produced by veganpower in Germany.

veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with berry flavour, 750g - Content


Content: 750g

INGREDIENTS: Pea protein (90,9%), natural flavour, colouring food: beetroot powder; L-Methionine, sweeteners: erythritol, stevioglycoside; Tri-Calciumphosphate, sea salt¹, raspberry powder (0,2%), blackcurrant fruitpowder (fruit ingredient, corn starch) (0,1%).

Nutritional values per 100g: Lactose (<0.1), BCAAs** (13g), L-Methionine (added) (0.90g). (** = branched chain amino acids L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Valine)

Amino acids per 100g protein: L-Alanine (4.20g), L-Arginine (8.62g), L-Aspartinic acid (11.60g), L-Cysteine (0.91g), L-Glutamic acid (18.06g), L-Glycine (3.83g), L-Histidine (2.40g), L-Isoleucine (BCAA) (4.57g), L-Leucine (BCAA) (8,38g), L-Lysine (7.45g), L-Methionine (2.20g), L-Phenylalanine (5.21g), L-Proline (5.24g), L-Serine (5.24g), L-Threonine (3.57g), L-Tryptophan (0.96g), L-Tyrosine (3.38g), L-Valine (BCAA) (4.90g).

Minerals per 100g: Calcium (453mg) (57%*), Phosphorus (926mg) (132%*). (* = % of the recommended daily intake according to nutrition labelling regulations)

Please notice: Dietary supplements are no replacement for a well-balanced diet.

Distributor Information

veganpower, Westbahnstrasse 28, 4020 Linz, AT

veganpower VHEY PROTEIN with berry flavour, 750g - Nutrients

Energy 1675kJ/ 396kcal
Fat 6,6g
of which saturated 1,5g
Carbohydrates 9,2g
of which sugar 0,5g
Protein 72,8g
Salt 2,7g

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