BjökoVit Marine Magnesium capsules, 60 pieces

BjökoVit Marine Magnesium capsules, 60 pieces

Article number: A006866

Manufacturer: BjökoVit

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BjökoVit Marine Magnesium capsules, 60 pieces

Magnesium as a vital substance: often overlooked, appreciated by experts

Magnesium: It is present in all cells of our body and yet only very few people know of the importance of this essential vital substance. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions in our organism and it supports the maintenance of our nerves and muscles. It is also essential, which means that it cannot be formed by the body itself.

In case of exhausting physical activites or an unbalanced diet, a magnesium deficiency can quickly occur. Since the body is also unable to keep its own reserves, magnesium should be consumed regularly and, at best, daily and in sufficient quantities. Marine magnesium by BjökoVit offers a simple opportunity to reliably cover even an increased demand of magnesium.

Marine magnesium, filled in 60 small capsules

  • Made from seawater: the most natural of all magnesium sources
  • Capsules without fillers: BjökoVit voluntarily produces without any fillers or additives
  • Controlled vegan: awarded the V-label of the European Vegetarian Union

BjökoVit Marine Magnesium capsules, 60 pieces - Content


Content: 30,3g (60 capsules)

INGREDIENTS: Marine magnesium oxide (/2%), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), sunflower oil, rice flour

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product is free from lactose, gluten and artificial colouring.

Nurtients per daily dose (2 capsules): Magnesium 400 mg* (* = 107 % of the recommended daily intake)

Please notice: Dietary supplements are no replacement for a well-balanced diet. The recommended daily intake of 2 capsules should not be exceeded. Keep away from children.

Distributor Information

BjökoVit, Offenau 63 a, 25335 Bokholt-Hanredder, DE

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