Wheaty VEGANE SLICES smoked, ORGANIC, 100g

Wheaty VEGANE SLICES smoked, ORGANIC, 100g

Article number: A007585

Manufacturer: Wheaty

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Wheaty VEGANE SLICES smoked, ORGANIC, 100g

Are you on the search for milk-free alternatives with comparably hearty flair? Then you search has finally come to an end. The innovative smoked slices from Wheaty are not only completely vegan but they are also based on nutritious whole grain millet. You tummy gets filled but your conscience stays clean! :)

Already thousands of yours ago millet was used as a valuable basic food all over Europe but with the introduction of more profit-yiedling field plant, the once so famous millet was dispaced. Not without reason, the name "Hirse" (eng. millet) origined in the historically German word for nutritiousness and satiety. Millet is extremely rich in strenghtening carbohydrates and furthmore also contains great amounts of plant-based protein. No wonder that Wheaty counts on such an underestimated crop to enrich their smoked slices with valuable nutrients.

But besides the nutritious whole grain millet these vegan slices also utilize the positive properties of coconut oil which is rich in fatty acids. This furthermore leads to a great and creamy melting behaviour which not only looks great but it also tastes that way! Such a gift should be utilised by all means! But to reveal the true potential of this slices you need to apply some heat. ;)

Gratinate hearty sandwiches and toast or simply spread the chopped slices over salads and pasta. The possibilites are only limited by the boundaries of your own creativity!

Safe yourself some of this heavenly smoked slices while they're still available!

Wheaty VEGANE SLICES smoked, ORGANIC, 100g - Content



INGREDIENTS: water, potato starch*, coconut fat* (18%), wholemeal millet flour* (2.8%), thickeners: gellan and xanthan gum; natural flavors, rock salt, humectant: vegetable glycerin*; acidifier: vegan lactic acid; spices*, smoke.
(* = certified organic)

CHILLED PRODUCT: Please store between 2°C and 7°C.

NOTE: This product was packed within a protective atmosphere.

Distributor Information

TOPAS GmbH, Dreifürstensteinstr. 1-3, 72116 Mössingen, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Wheaty VEGANE SLICES smoked, ORGANIC, 100g - Nutrients

Energy 1070kJ/ 258kcal
Fat 18,9g
of which saturated 16,7g
Carbohydrates 20,9g
of which sugar 0,8g
Protein 0,2g
Salt 1,50g

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