Wheaty VEGANE SLICES classic, ORGANIC, 100g

Wheaty VEGANE SLICES classic, ORGANIC, 100g

Article number: A007584

Manufacturer: Wheaty

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Wheaty VEGANE SLICES classic, ORGANIC, 100g

Indeed! You can now get even more vegan alternatives from Wheaty! And to make it even better they also created them based on nutritious whole grain millet! This not only makes their products incredibly tasty but also quickly filling! Wheatys classic slices are in fact a truly convincing and completely vegan alternative for decorating and cooking. Without compromise but with much flavour!

The appetizing vegan slices are simply the perfect choice for toast, pizza and casserole. The heavenly melting characteristics from Wheatys newest herbal melting slices are achieved due to its high contents of delicately-melting coconut oil which is already very famous for its composition of fatty acids. All the herbal ingredients from Wheatys creations originate in the best and certified organic agriculture. Top top it all off, these slices are also completely free from palm oil and obivously they are vegan as well!

Completely freed from all kinds of animal-based ingredients, these slices are instead solely based on whole grain millet from ressource-friendly, organic agriculture in Germany. This leads to an extraordinarily alternative to be relished from the young and the old alike!

The delicate slices are truly a surprisingly tasty addition for your sandwiches but they are also ideally suitable to give them to your little green beaks as a break time snack at school. The true potentential of Wheatys classic slices only shows itself when you turn up the heat on it! Delicately melting with an aromatic scent and an irresistible appearance to admire - the Adonis of al vegan alternatives!

Wheatys innovative herbal slices are always worth a shot! Order them quickly!

Wheaty VEGANE SLICES classic, ORGANIC, 100g - Content



INGREDIENTS: water, potato starch*, coconut fat* (18%), wholemeal millet flour* (2.8%), thickeners: gellan and xanthan gum; natural flavors, rock salt, humectant: vegetable glycerin*; acidifier: vegan lactic acid; spices*.
(* = certified organic)

CHILLED PRODUCT: Please store between 2°C and 7°C.

NOTE: This product was packed within a protective atmosphere.

Distributor Information

TOPAS GmbH, Dreifürstensteinstr. 1-3, 72116 Mössingen, DE
Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

Wheaty VEGANE SLICES classic, ORGANIC, 100g - Nutrients

Energy 1070kJ/ 258kcal
Fat 18,9g
of which saturated 16,7g
Carbohydrates 20,9g
of which sugar 0,8g
Protein 0,2g
Salt 1,50g

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