Product-related questions

What is the best-before date of the offered products?

It is difficult to answer this question as each product has a different best-before-date.

You are welcome to call our customer service (+49 9433-2041-3300) and ask for the BBD of your desired products. Our customer service wil be happy to tell you the BBDs of the products that are on stock at this moment.

Unfortunately, we are dependent on the manufacturers and an early delivery and sadly we only have limited influence on the products and their BBDs. For our chilled products we always pay close attention that their best before date is at least 10 days. Please also note that some of our products are manufactured in a gentle freshness procedure, thus they are already delivered to us with short BBDs by the manufacturer. Therefore the life period may possibly be less than 7 days from dispatch.

Is there a recycling system for ice packs and thermo boxes?

We of course offer a recycling program. You can dispose of the gel packs in your household garbage, and you can dispose of the insulating elements as a whole in the paper waste. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the hygiene measures we are not allowed to take back the gel packs.

Are there product ratings by other customers?

Yes, there are. Each product can be rated by you and other customers. You can find those ratings underneath the descriptions of each product. There you can rate the taste, consistency, nutrition, and the product description in our shop. This does not only help other customers, but it also helps us to evaluate, expand and plan our assortment.

Can Vantastic-foods.com add my desired product to the product range?

You are always welcome to inform us about any product that you haven’t found in our online shop, yet. We’ll pass your wish right on to our purchasing department. It may be possible that your desired product may soon be added to our product range.

Why are not all products organic / fair trade?

Our product range consists of about 40% organic and/or fair trade products. Some products are not certified as organic and/or fair trade because such certifications are very laborious and expensive. Therefore, many manufacturers/ suppliers go abstain from such certifications even though their standard of raw material production is the same and would often meet the necessary criteria. However, in general we always make sure if and how our producers and suppliers grow/ harvest/ process their raw materials/ products. We pay close attention that these are not purchased on the world market but that everything from purchase to farming is traceable and that it is ethically, morally and ecologically acceptable for us. Of course we are constantly working on offering an increasing number of our products also in organic and fair trade quality in the future!


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Why does Vantastic-foods.com offer products with palm oil?

Unfortunately, Vantastic-foods.com has no influence on products of other manufacturers. However, in order to offer our customers high-quality products, preferably without palm oil, we are constantly in contact with our manufacturers. Many manufacturers though will continue to be dependent on this raw material, since it has certain unique qualities other oils do not have. At present, there is no raw material for the extraction of vegetable fats yet that is more environmentally friendly. But we can also tell you that palm oil used for food, especially for organic food from our suppliers, comes in mostly from certified plantations that do not contribute to the clearing of the rain forests. These sustainably managed plantations are farmed by contract farmers who do not cooperate with companies that promote the destruction of the tropical forests. Some companies even invest large sums every year in projects to support sustainable cultivation of palm trees and commit themselves to stop deforestation and slash-and-burn clearing of endangered forests and countries. Furthermore, companies of the vegan/ vegetarian sector cannot directly be compared with multinational companies which have - deliberately and on their behalf - woods cleared to construct their plantations there. The good news is that generally rather small amounts of palm oil are used for food production. Most palm oil is used for fuel and as heating fuel. Essentially, palm oil is purely vegetable. Whether the processing of palm oil is compatible with the vegan lifestyle, everyone has to decide for themselves. But of course palm oil is vegan. In addition we certainly do always try to list and promote products from manufacturers which don’t use any palm oil at all. We also are in close contact with our suppliers trying to bring them to certificate their products and to use alternatives to palm oil. In order to facilitate your search in our shop for products without palm oil, we offer you the possibility to use our product and allergy filter. With this filter you can exclude products containing palm oil from your search results. 

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