Forest Gum CHEWING GUM MINT, 20g

Forest Gum CHEWING GUM MINT, 20g

Article number: A007582

Manufacturer: Forest Gum GmbH

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Forest Gum CHEWING GUM MINT, 20g

Real men wear black

"Real men wear black" was yesterday. Today it is: real men chew black! Black chewing gum. Of course not just any kind of chewing gum, but the limited edition of Forest Gum. Because even tough guys have a heart - especially for the environment. And that's why Forest Gum is exactly the right chewing gum, because it is produced sustainably and plastic-free from renewable and biodegradable raw materials. Speaking of sustainability and heart: In cooperation with the development organisation Eden Reforestation Project, one tree is planted for every pack of Forest Gum Black Mint sold! For every single pack! Amazing! PS: of course also for women!

Black special edition with mint eucalyptus taste

The limited black special edition Black Mint of the Forest Gum was created in cooperation with the Wacken Musik Festival, one of the most successful rock/metal festivals in the world with over 85,000 visitors and almost 2 million fans in the social media every year. Of course you don't have to be a metal fan, wear only black or have long hair to enjoy the mint chewing gum with a pinch of eucalyptus. But you are definitely one of the coolest. And not only because of the cool (refreshing) mint eucalyptus note. Additional benefit: the black colouring comes from vegetable activated carbon and it is said to provide good oral hygiene and whiter teeth. After all these benefits, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is probably the Forest Gum Black Mint that Metallica is singing about in their world hit 'nothing else matters'. Hit it, Limited Edition!!!

  • Limited special edition of Forest Gum and the Wacken Music Festival
  • Black mint chewing gum with fine eucalyptus note
  • Made from sustainable raw materials
  • Vegan, plastic-free and without sugar

Forest Gum CHEWING GUM MINT, 20g - Content



INGREDIENTS: Sweeteners: xylitol, stevioglycoside; natural chicle chewing mass, natural flavours, colouring: natural vegetable charcoal; humectant: glycerine; thickener: gum arabic; coating agent: carnauba wax.

CONSUMPTION NOTICE: It may be laxative if consumed excessively.

Distributor Information

Forest Gum GmbH, Körnerstraße 25, 50823 Köln, DE

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