About us

We are Europe's largest online shop for purely vegetable specialties!

VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM is Europe’s largest online shop for purely vegetable products and stands for premium foodstuffs for which animals had not to suffer and a wide variety of great products. Since its foundation in 2001, the company located in Nabburg, Bavaria, convinces with its comprehensive range of healthy and biologically valuable meat alternative products. This product range is enlarged by a great number of popular classics and exclusive novelties of the vegan and vegetarian cuisine. From hearty sausage-, cheese- and fish-alternatives to plant-based spreads to vegan sweets and pastries: the product range of VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM leaves nothing to be desired.

Our philosophy

Being part of the Absolute Vegan Empire (AVE) we offer 100% vegan products produced without genetic engineering. Moreover, we actively support the protection of animals, the environment and its natural resources. Wherever possible, we resort to products of organic farming.
A healthy diet for which no animal had to suffer – this is an aim that VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM meets with its private brands Vantastic Foods and Vegan Bakery. Apart from foodstuffs, our online shop also comprises a steadily growing choice of vegan cookery books, information materials, green fashion as well as eco-friendly household products and decorative cosmetics.

There is nothing more important to us than satisfied customers

Also with respect to customer service, we at VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM set ourselves firm goals. Consequently, not only safety but also customer satisfaction and trust have top priority. Moreover, with more than 38.000 positive ratings at EKOMI, one of the leading independent evaluation systems in Europe for online shops, the company from Nabburg places a high value on its customers’ feedback.

The VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM product and allergy filter

In addition, for people suffering from an allergy and people who have a food intolerance, we offer a detailed product and allergy filter. In every product group the search for certain products can be narrowed and optimized depending on incompatibility or diet form. Therefore customers have the possibility to find gluten-free goods or articles without nuts faster and easier in our large range of products.